Sound Devices introduces the 633

Sound Devices 633

Sound Devices 633

“The 633 is a compact, six-input mixer with integrated 10-track recorder featuring PowerSafe technology. It offers six analog inputs and records to SD and CompactFlash memory cards. The 633 is designed for audio professionals requiring go-anywhere portability, without compromising recording or mixing capability.” It has been noted that the 788t has the widest dynamic range and lowest noise of the Sound Devices product range. While the 633 has quality low noise mic pre amps, it has been said (by other users) that the 744t mic pres are still better.

-3 mic/line inputs

-3 line level inputs

-1 AES 3 or AES 42 input

-4 channels of AES output

-Ambient Timecode generator

-Quad Power – switches over to new power supply as needed

-Sample rates up to 192 Khz

-Dedicated pan for inputs 1-3

-Records to Compact Flash and  SD, SDXC, SDHC Card

-MSRP $3,100.00