DeVore Orangutan Reference Loudspeaker System

Common Wave Hi-Fi in Los Angeles Debuted the Devore Orangutan Speaker System

This past Saturday evening Common Wave Hifi hosted the North American Debut of the Devore Fidelity O/Reference Speaker System. These high sensitivity speakers feature a 2 box design. From the Devore Website:

O/Reference A

10” paper-cone woofer with a cast Bronze chassis and an all new woofer motor, fully optimized with a pure AlNiCo magnet, copper Faraday rings above and below the gap, a titanium former, and a machined bronze phase plug resulting in better magnetic and inductive linearity, increased sensitivity, and an order of magnitude lower distortion throughout most of the frequency range.

1” silk dome tweeter loaded by a cast & machined Bronze horn with an all new tweeter motor utilizing a large rare-earth magnet and an underhung voice-coil for increased linearity at lower treble frequencies and higher sensitivity.

.75” silk dome super-tweeter with a cast & machined bronze horn and rare-earth magnet.

Solid machined Bronze port tubes and machined brass input-plate are de-coupled from the cabinet to reduce vibration.

Solid machined Bronze port tubes

O/Reference B

11-inch reinforced aluminum woofer and all-new motor system capable of a massive 2 1/4 inch excursion.

11-inch reinforced aluminum passive radiator naturally tuned below 20Hz in-cabinet with no equalization.

Rigid two-inch thick birch plywood front baffle and solid machined brass input-plate to reduce vibration.

Dedicated 700 watt amplifier and all analog signal path including fully adjustable low-pass crossover, variable phase, subsonic filter, and equalization at 20Hz and 35Hz to tailor response to different room installations.

If you were able to hear this speaker system, please share your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “DeVore Orangutan Reference Loudspeaker System

  1. I attended the show at Common Wave HiFi & had an enjoyable evening chatting with others & hearing the new Devore 0/Ref speakers. They are certainly impressive to look at & sounded smooth and yet detailed.
    I did feel there was an odd area of the low-mid freq’s that was heavily attenuated & wondered if this had to do with the crossover from the mains to subs, or the room itself??
    Like too many Hi-Fi shops & shows the listening environment was a less than ideal space for judging first impressions of a speaker. The shop did set up some absorbers to help, but the extremely reflective all-cement floor/walls/ceiling walls provided enough added reverb to make it hard to get a true impression of what an $85,000 speaker actually sounds like!
    I’ve worked in the pro audio mastering community for over two decades & am intimately familiar with how a room effects the direct sound of a speaker & wish more Hi-Fi shops & manufacturers would take the rooms acoustics into account when showing speakers.

    • Hi, While I understand that HiFi stores are designed to bring music into the home, I also have a hard time understanding the sound of a speaker when played in a room with acoustics vastly different from a home listening environment. Those concrete floors and unusually high hard ceilings create room modes that make it difficult to evaluate performance. That being said, I do believe the Devore Fidelity speakers are designed to be more musical than accurate. Nothing wrong with that, but it would be great to get a better portrayal of these speakers.

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