Trance sounds of the Hang Drum and Gubal from PANArt Hangbau AG

-Historical Background

Originally conceived (early part of the 2000’s) in Bern, Switzerland – the Hang drum is a steel melodic percussion instrument that can be called a musical sculpture. From what I understand, sheet iron is chemically treated to craft this saucer-like disc instrument. The evolution of this musical scuplture has brought forth a new design called the Gubal, also designed and built by PANArt Hangbau AG. The initial  percussive attack and subsequent resonant pitch stands alone or with other musical accompaniment. Information about the (no longer produced) Hang Drum and the newer creation, Gubal can be found hereFor authentic (rather lovely) sound recordings of the instruments made by PANArt pleases follow this link.


-And now for the gorgeous Gubal with saxophone accompaniment: