Uncanny Valley 015 Gets Groovin’ with (Eltron John Dub)

The masterminds at Uncanny Valley Dresden have done it again. On this compilation UV has brought together 4 house mixes by Brodka, Alex Ketzer, Cuthead, and Jacob Story. This first track chills out the groove (is that “Stayin’ Alive” in the background;), while other tracks that follow create pinpoint syncopation with hard edge house beats. Available on vinyl:)


Uncanny Valley of Dresden, Germany

Uncanny Valley includes this nifty poster with UV Ltd 01

Ok, ok…Here’s the last in a series of posts about a new favorite record label I discovered. Uncanny Valley from Germany released this various artists EP for Record Store Day. I was lucky enough to find a copy at my local vinyl shop. These compositions fall into the techno electronic/dub style. The track Peekaboo by Echology is a favorite – It’s filled with flowing ambience and unique sting glitches that seem to emerge from this playful composition.

Uncanny Valley created a limited run of (444 copies) UV Ltd 01 on VINYL only. Issued as a 45 rpm pressing/ misslabeled as a 331/3.

If you listen closely, you’ll notice one of the main synth sounds sorta sounds like a vocoder saying “Peekaboo.”