About Me

Sound has been a passion of mine ever since I started exploring musical instruments. Piano, guitar, mandolin, bass…the list goes on. I was enthralled by the particular tonality each instrument presented. I not only grew up playing various instruments, I also engaged myself in as much live music as possible. Growing up in New Orleans was the perfect introduction for what would become my journey toward higher fidelity.

I eventually went on to study sound recording and work in public radio. This led to popular music, ensemble and orchestral audio engineering. Achieving the best realism in these recordings was job one. High-end microphones, preamps, and digital converters were all used to capture the live space with accuracy. The monitoring of these recordings was equally important.

Here is where I began my quest for the highest resolution in audio recording and reproduction. This is a grounding place for me. I will explore those topics that have led me to find true high fidelity sound. Techniques for audio engineers, and equipment such as microphones, preamplifiers, speakers, amps, DACs, turntables, & power products will all be examined. Room setup and acoustics will not be ignored, as these topics are important for achieving full fidelity from your playback system.

This is a place for people who love the recorded arts and want to record and reproduce them on equipment capable of sonic nirvana. What we aim for here – When the physical stereo disappears and the musicians enter your home. A transparent, effortless reproduction of the recorded event…that is all.

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