T.H.E. Show Newport 2012

I will be posting from The Home Entertainment Show in Newport. I’ll weed through all the gear and uncover those hifi gems that stand out.

Stay Tuned….June 1-3rd 2012



Uncanny Valley of Dresden, Germany

Uncanny Valley includes this nifty poster with UV Ltd 01

Ok, ok…Here’s the last in a series of posts about a new favorite record label I discovered. Uncanny Valley from Germany released this various artists EP for Record Store Day. I was lucky enough to find a copy at my local vinyl shop. These compositions fall into the techno electronic/dub style. The track Peekaboo by Echology is a favorite – It’s filled with flowing ambience and unique sting glitches that seem to emerge from this playful composition.

Uncanny Valley created a limited run of (444 copies) UV Ltd 01 on VINYL only. Issued as a 45 rpm pressing/ misslabeled as a 331/3.

If you listen closely, you’ll notice one of the main synth sounds sorta sounds like a vocoder saying “Peekaboo.”

Records in Heavy Rotation…Organized!

File folder organizer used as vinyl LP display/holder

This clear file organizer found a second home with my record collection. My file holder turned record organizer is a stylish and inexpensive way to show off your favorite albums. It has 6 divisions, and you can fit between 2 and 4 LPs in each compartment. A clear choice for displaying your current record rotation. you can find this product at places like this.

Preventing Hearing Damage

Noise pollution is all around us, especially in the major cities of the world. experiencing this cacophony of sound is often disorienting and fatiguing. From the moment we step out our front door we are bombarded with a cluster of city sounds. Unlike our eyelids, we cannot close our ear canals with similar organs. Rather, we must voluntarily use a device that will reduce the passage of sound into the ear canal – earplugs. It makes you wonder if we had “earlids,” would our hearing be better?


The use of portable music players/Ipods allows us to drown out the sounds of the city. These earbuds and headphones serve two purposes. First, they provide music reproduction for listening pleasure. Second, they passively (and sometimes actively) reduce sound from the surrounding environment. While reducing unwanted noises is welcome, directly injecting sound into your ear can pose some risks.

Although hi-fi speakers can be turned up to ear damaging levels, they have the advantage of not being strapped directly to your ear canal. Even more, speakers produce sound that travels through the air before it reaches your ears. Since air is an excellent absorber of sound, the overall sound pressure level will be reduced before it hits your ear drum. Private listening sessions on headphones and earbuds can be enjoyable, but you must excersice caution not to listen too loudly. A great article on “preventing hearing damage with headphones” can be found here.

Hearing Protection

Our hearing is an integral tool used for communication, balance, and localization. The human auditory system is truly remarkable and sensitive. An audiologist can advise you on hearing protection options to help maintain the longevity of your hearing.

Happy Listening!
Photo by: Vahan Baladouni

The XX – new album in the works


The XX’s Debut Album

The XX’s self-titled debut has been in my heavy rotation of vinyl for several years now. This young London band masterfully blends bass, guitar, synths, and MPC beat machines to create a dark but soulful indie rock. Female singer/guitarist Romy Madley Croft, and singer bassist Oliver Sim project with gentle R&B influenced voices.

This is a must own album on vinyl. The quality and intimacy of the recording is only supercharged by the stellar performance. Here’s a sample video for those who are unfamiliar with The XX.

The band recently announced some new tour dates in Europe. Let’s hope we will see a new album soon!

Here is a new song by The XX called “Open Eyes.”

A new song and video from The XX called Angels